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The FBT Self Governance Group - First Team

The FBT Self Governance Group - growing the ict@innovation community around African FOSS Business Models Trainings

The Community Managers of the FBT-Self Governance Group First Team:

Name Community Specialist                              Email

1. Mark Clarke                        Dokeos Management  Mark[at]

2. Robert Nkambwe               News  rnkambwe[at]

3. Arnold Pietersen                 Certification Development  arnold.pietersen[at]

4. Harrison Tago                     Moderation of Mailing list  h.tago[at]

5. Lawrence Lyayuka              Marketing  mwina1731[at]

6. John Matogo                       Evaluation Manager  john.matogo[at]

7. Isaac Kigen                         Training Advisor   isaackigen[at]

8. Campira Mulauzi                 Wiki Administration    cenfoab[at]

Roles Details

Roles Tasks "Old" manager of this task(mentor) Future/Current community managers of this task (mentee)
Overall FBT Steering Including Strategic Planning & Day-to-Day Management George Nyambuya
George Nyambuya
Wiki administration Montitoring of updates on wiki and on national cours directory /re-editing, etc. / (there seem to be double tasks with belo "Training material communty managers", to be defined...) George Nyambuya, Petra Hagemann, Balthas Seibold

Campira Mulauzi and George

Dokeos administration Training Materials Support, User Management, etc. Frederick Yeboah

Mark Clarke/George      

Community Manager "Training Materials" Update of training materials & case studies, approaching members to make their materials available Frederick Yeboah, Andreas Meiszner
Marketing managers / branding maintainers Marketing, Outside Communication & Branding George Nyambuya, Balthas Seibold

Lawrence Lyayuka

News Look for news stories (e.g. on successful trainings), monthly news letter, blogging (own blogging and encourage members to blog), give users blogging rights and monitor this ... George Nyambuya, Geraldine de Bastion

Robert Nkambwe

Mailing List Management Monitor communication, approve users, etc. Petra Hagemann, 3 other volunteers, please put name
 3 other volunteers, please put name

Certificate Development Certificate Development and Recognition (engagement with local education sector, private sector, etc.)

Arnold Pietersen

Evaluation manager monitor national evaluation outcomes, refine evaluation forms, give feedback to people using the online evaluation form for national trainings etc. Petra Hagemann
John Matogo
Manager of "Advise to organization of training" support on organizational and technical aspects is being offered through the FBT community on:
• Input on training organisation and conduction
• Review of Training presentation, assignments and test produce by National participants
• Information on FOSS online resources

or should this be the entire FBT group???

For Now-Isaac Kigen

Moderators of mailing list

- approve content sent to list from outside (such as requests for technical support of national trainings)

- mediate any conflicts on the list.

Harrison Tago

*This is an initial list, to be expanded and adapted as required / identified.

Background and further task packages of the community

The formation of the FBT-self-governance group is part of a process, which was started by the participants of the ict@innovation Advanced African FOSS Business Training workshop, taking place from November 29th to December 1st, in Johannesburg South Africa. As a result, the following roadmap was drafted that is aimed towards further strengthening the ‘Self-Governing’ structure of the FBT project, its community and of its (training) resources. Within this the following Working Group has been established and volunteered to take this roadmap proposal and implementation further. The following other points are open for implementers as follows.

  1. To establish a corporate identity and design.

Who: Working Group

When: ???

 2. To foster on community building at a country level, by establishing national FBT communities. Quick Wins, e.g. already established national FBT communities should be identified to serve as a good example for others.

Who: Working Group

When: ???

  1. The working group will draft up some initial governance guidelines.

    Who: Working Group

    When: ???

  2. The working group will draft up an action plan.

    Who: Working Group

    When: ???

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