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How to sustain ICTINNOVATION-Communities

The FBT and LPI Self-Governance Group - Growing the ict@innovation communities!

The aim of the Self Governance-Group is to keep alive and grow the two communities which have developed around the training programme ict@innovation - Creating Business and Learning Opportunities with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Africa (

These two communities are the one on FOSS Business Models (FBT) and the community on Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification. 

Please find below an overview of all those who are currently volunteering  and their draft role and tasks. 

The overview resulted from a discussion of about 20 community members at the Idlelo 5 conference in Nigeria in March. They further developed ideas on what needs to be done to sustain the communities after the GIZ funding phase ends in December 2012.

We live in the spirit of open source. So if you have an idea, simply share it. If you feel like contributing more,  just add you name in any of the positions and contact the the Community Empowerment Manager ( You are welcome!

Roles and Tasks of Community Volunteers

 Roles Tasks
Management of E-learning platform & Training Evaluation

- Adjust tools for the training evaluation & monitoring
- Spread news about ongoing and upcoming courses
- Dokeos Management

Details Page is here :

Leader : John Matogo (Kenya)

Deputy:  Brian Sikute (Zambia)

Brian Ssennoga (Uganda)

Mark Clarke (South Africa)

Asrat Mulatu Beyene (Ethiopia)

Trust Zifa (South Africa)

Camara Aboubacar Fodé (Ile Maurice)

Seun Ojedeji (Nigeria)

Matogoro Jabera (Tanzania)

Yann le Beux (Sénégal)

Olivier Kouami (Togo)

Administration of Mailing Lists and Website Administration
- Unlock new members to the mailing list
- Report to the community about membership issues

- Website Update, spam check on website pages with comment functions

Details are here:

Leader : Tomslin Samme-Nlar (Cameroon)

Deputy : Norbert GLAKPE (Togo)

Suleiman H. Suleiman (Zanzibar)Baby Chuma (Tanzania)
Kayode Yussuf (Nigeria)
Etsegenet Fisseha (South Africa)Balthas Seibold (Germany), particularly website

Marketing and Branding

- Standardise training materials
- Maintain existing marketing materials
- Coordinate the development of new marketing material
- Keep the community informed about new marketing material 
- Certification development

Items in red must find a new home

Details are here :

Leader: Arnold Pietersen (South Africa)
Deputy : ?
Evans Ikua (Kenya)

Isaac Kigen (Kenya)


Coordination and Communication

- Coordinate and assist all volunteers

- organise and facilitate volunteers' online-meetings

- keeping the community up to date

Community Manager: Mawusee Komla Foli-Awl i(Togo)

If you like to know what the first ideas were (which we further developed at Idlelo) , please click here

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