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Trainers' Space

This Trainers space aims to provide help for your National Training!

For a complete overview in pdf-format, please check the "Community-based Support Package for Trainers of African FOSS Business Models (FBT) - "Free your IT-Business in Africa" attached below.

To help you conduct your training, you may also like to use any of the following ICT@Innovation training facilities and links:

1. Marketing Materials and Guidelines for Trainers

The following marketing materials and guidelines can help you to advertise your National Open Source Business Model Trainings!

1.0 Recruiting participants for national training / customers

The online community of more than 1200 people on this site can be tapped for local marketing of the national trainings. This can be done via the Marketing Community who can promote or link your training to specific locations.

For online marketing of the training, the platform offers several resources. You can:

1.1 Framework and Guidelines for the Trainings

We have summed up the background of the trainings and the ict@innovation programme in order to make it easier for you to communicate it to your training participants. We have also included a few guidelines which we would like you consider when advertising for your trainings.

To get the guidelines click here!!!

Get a quick guide for your trainings here!!!

1.2 Materials for Advertising the Training

We have compiled the following materials to help you advertise for your trainings. We have drafted sample advertisements for national trainings . We also provide you with sample application forms, which you may use for your trainings!

In addition we have put together “Building Blocks” for you to create your own marketing material with. You can use the text building blocks and statements, include the photographs or reference our other publications and remix these materials in order to create your marketing materials such as web posts, flyers etc. Off course, you can also change and add to the sample application forms and the sample advertisments as you wish – make them suit your needs!!!

To get the marketing materials click here!!!

2. The ict@innovation e-learning platform

Use the ict@innovation e-learning platform and host your course there. You can register a new course through the following link:

3. The Training materials

You can use the training materials and mix and adapt them as you feel fits best. All the training material is available in a number of formats:

4 Get in contact with trainers through the FBT List

The FBT - FOSS Business Trainers list is ***the*** space to get in contact with other trainers! If you are interested in African FOSS Business Models, please subscribe to the mailing list here. To see the archive of mailinglist postings, visit the FBT Archives.

5. Share & Contribute

We invite all trainers to share their courseware and content with the community here!

This section allows you to find and share “localized training materials” and provides a space for the localized versions of the training materials; specifically targeted at the Community of FOSS business trainers who will be conducting regional training in their specific countries and may need tips and help in conduction training and the localization of their material. This channel also provides means by which other actors, such as the initial content creation community as well as the FOSS Business community of practice, can be actively involved in the continuous evolution of the training material.

If you are a trainer or contributor and would like to learn exchange experiences or share information with the community of FOSS Business Model Trainers, the National Course Directory is the section for you!

For newcomers: Contribute to the "Advanced Training Material on African FOSS Business Models" in terms of content, advocacy, support and community - If you want to know more, just click here and learn how to contribute!

For ict@innovation FOSS Business Model Trainers: If you are already familiar with the course content and structures, just go directly ahead and add your course to the National Course Directory. We would be pleased if you can take the time to follow instructions at the top of the course template.

If you want to upload localized or nationalized versions of your training materials we recommend you make those available through the e-learning system you use. However, if you prefer you also can make them available at the Directory of Localized Training Materials (you need to be logged in to have the upload option), and then link to them from your course description at the National Course Directory.

Finally, if you want to see how others did their trainings then take a look at the video-testimonial section as "60 Seconds Youtube Sessions: News on Advanced African FOSS Business Trainings"

6. Engage in the steering of the trainers' community

You are cordially invited to engage in the steering of the FBT trainers community. Please check the "FBT Self Governance Group - growing the ict@innovation community around African FOSS Business Models Trainings".