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programme planning

Part I - Analysis of Issues

Training and Certification Criteria

Question to the group:

Which criteria do we need to consider when designing the ict@innovation FOSS certification programme? What are the issues regarding these criteria? And how do existing FOSS training and certification schemes meet these criteria?

Outcomes of the FOSS certification planning workshop

FOSS Certification Planning Workshop Overview

Date: 15 – 17 October 2008
Location: Sunnyside Park Hotel, Johannesburg
Number of Participants: 21 people, including facilitators
Countries: South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Germany

Workshop Outline

The overall workshop objective was

Component A Scenario: Networking and Management

== Preparation == * Partner Selection and Coordination * Networking Activities for Pillar A == Ongoing Management Activities == * Partner Communication * Coordination of training institutes * Reporting * Monitoring and Evaluation * Development of a questionnaire to assess skills prior to the traings/interventions * Comparison of the questionnaire used to asses skills of training participants after the interventions * Website Editor for Topics on Pillar A Blogs (ict@innovation portal) and other relevant online content

Component A Scenario

A draft scenario of the ict@innovation component on African FOSS Business was published in May 2008 on the Wikieducator, to give partners and interested parties the opportunity to comment on the planning process. This is a draft scenario and plan for for the implementation of Component A – capacity building in African FOSS Business Models. The individual components are published in the following blog posts.
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