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LPIC-1 exams


Strathmore University
Ole Sangale Road
Phone: +254-722-955831
The first LPIC-1 exam will be conducted on the 13th of December 2010 in Nairobi. This exam will be hosted by the Strathmore University but it will be a public exam. Anyone who is interested to sit for the same is welcome to do so even though they may not be participating in our trainings. This will be a proctored and paper-based exam and will be on a special discounted rate of $ 95 per exam. There are two exams in LPIC-1, Exam 101 and Exam 102.

Celebrating Software Freedom Day 2010 - Sharing FOSS Stories

Software Freedom Day is a yearly celebration for Software Freedom! Every year there are thousands teams organizing Software Freedom Day in different countries and cities.This year, you can check the interactive map on the SFD-website to see if there's a team in your country.

FOSS and Health Sciences??

When i said to the interview panel, that my mistake to applied for the wrong position, was in part, because i had not seen the job advert physically, i hoped, beyond hope - that i had not dug my own grave.
Day 2, and i am getting into the nitty gritty of what i believe to be East Africa's first Health Sciences University whose IT Infrastructure is 100% (well, almost) FOSS.

Very excited to be part of the team launching the first National Training of FOSS Business models in Tanzania

On the 2nd August 2010, the 1st FOSS Business National Training will kick off at the National Institute of Transport.

Congratulations to Mr Edgar Telesphory for such achievement beside all mishaps during the preparations.

University Computing Centre Ltd is happy to be included in this remarkable event and will be sending three resources to participate as co-trainers.

We will keep you posted.

Country Feature - South Africa

800px-Flag_of_South_Africa.svg.teaser.pngAs announced this is the first in a series of Country Feature we are going to publish on the ict@innovation website. The feature highlights projects, organisations, initiatives and individuals working with FOSS.

Training book on FOSS business models launched at Idlelo 4

Medaase to everyone who has put there thought and energy into the training materials!The Idlelo Gala Dinner last night was the perfect location to launch the training handbook: “ict@innovation : Free your IT Business in Africa! ” in a befittingly festive atmosphere. The training guide compiles all the advanced training materials on African Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) business models for small and medium enterprisers in the IT-industry.

FOSS training Institutions

This group consists of organizations and institutions that offer FOSS training. This may be training in Linux and Linux certification like LPI, Red hat etc. There are also other FOSS trainings like OpenICDL, PHP, MySQL, Python etc.

If your organization is interested in participating in our project with the intention of offering trainings on open source, then we encourage you to join this group so that you can keep up with the discussions and plans.

The challenge of promoting FOSS in Africa

I have been involved in FOSS advocacy in Kenya for the last 7 years. My love affair with FOSS started when I was looking for a content management system (CMS) for a sports portal I was proposing to develop back in 2003. I looked around and what I saw was not impressive. The figures that were being quoted for applications like octigon were basically far out of reach for me as i was just starting out in my consulting business (BTW, just google that name and see what happened to them).


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