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143, boulevard de Valmy
Colombes 92700
How I would like to participate in ict@innovation: 

I would be interested in:

  • Delivering trainings
  • Contributing to training materials
  • Contributing to promotion events for businesses and conferences
My FOSS related Project(s): 

I am an advocate and long-time developer and trainer, and active member of the following FOSS communities, both in France and at the international level:

  • Python
  • Zope
  • Plone

I contribute to the following FOSS advocacy organizations/projects:

  • Plone (Plone Documentation Team, PloneGov)
  • (Association Francophone des Utilisateurs de Python)
  • Python African Tour
I am looking for: 

I want to contribute to the programme activities and particularly collaborate on training organization and delivery.
I have just initiated the Python African Tour project which aims at
promoting the Python language and its technologies in Africa through
locally-organized learning activities.
The main idea of that initiative is to set up
sponsored training sessions, as well as
community events such as barcamps or sprints, in African countries
where we can find local host
organizations, sponsors and facilitators. For more information, check the project website :

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