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Linux Systems Administration

Asteway Negash

First name: 
Last name: 
Interested in ict@innovation Component: 
FOSS Certification


King George IV street Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT)
Addis Ababa 385
Phone: +251911369618
How I would like to participate in ict@innovation: 
I'd like to involve in software development projects and share experience and skills, and empower people through training
Software developer (software programmer) and Linux Trainer
My FOSS related Project(s): 

Design development and implementation of Enrollment and Examination Online Recording System (EEORS)- a student administration software in my home university

LDAP based single sign on system, and LDAP account management software development

Instruction of software related courses in my home university

I am looking for: 

Object oriented design and development of softwares using oo languages such as PHP, java, perl, rubi, python... on a linux platform such as OpenSUSe, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora...

I'm looking forward to finding colliques in software development and involving in forums

Training and development of people in the above area

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