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financil modelling

Bhekinkosi Majahana

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Interested in ict@innovation Component: 
FOSS Business
FOSS Certification
FOSS Applications


86 Loveday street 612 Focus House
Johannesburg 2001
South Africa
Phone: 0027114920285
Fax: 0027114920285
How I would like to participate in ict@innovation: 
I would like to encourage in whatever capacity the Introduction of FOSS Study Programmes into main stream academic institutions in the public and private sector in South Africa, Botswana Zimbabwe and Zambia
operations manager
My FOSS related Project(s): 
currently working to develop plug ins for turbo cash and gnucash
I am looking for: 
I would like to develop training programmes focusing on technical aspects, distribution, management and maintenance of open source software.
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