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FOSS Certification

<i><b>This section provides news on Free and Open Source Software Certification in Africa and ict@innovation programme activities in this area. All ict@innovation blog articles categorized as “FOSS Certification" are aggregated here. You can subscribe to this page via RSS Feed by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page.</i></b>

Linux Pre-certification training

Following the Linux training that took place in august 2011, We decided to start the LPIC-1 training in Catholic University of Eastern Africa as soon as possible.
However to start the course we saw the need to first have a introductory course expose our students. WE called the course, Linux Pre-certification. The students after undertaking the course were supposed to sit for an exam and after passing would get a certificate  issued by the LPA-Kenya.
 WE conducted the course in December 2011 from 16th -19th and a total of about 75 students participated.



The Catholic University of Eastern Africa
Karen/Langata P.O.Box 62157
Nairobi 00200
Phone: +254-724-253733,+254-724-253734
Fax: +254020-8891261

The event was hosted at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and the idea was to prepare the students for the LPI trainings and therefore the course was to give them a feel of what to expect. The students were trained on the basics of linux and later they sat for an exam.
The total number of the students who registered for the course were 83 but 49 sat for the final exam at the end of the training.

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Linux Pre- Certification

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa conducted a Linux Pre- certification this was majorly to prepare the students for the LPI certifications. The students under went a basic training on linux and later sat for the exam. The total number that had enrolled for the course was 83, but 49 students sat for the exam at the end of the training.

LPI Training at ICT4TD Learning Centre, Dar es salaam

As part of national roll out of LPI training following the LToT training I attended in Nairobi in November 2011, we managed to conduct first LPI training at ICT4TD learning centre. The going has been tough as most of interested trainees lack necessary funds to pay for the cost because most of them are college graduates. As a result we started with a group of four trainees.

LPI Training Batch II at InCo Technologies

Batch II of LPI preparation classes for LPI 101 has started in Dar es Salaam at InCo Technologies (T) Ltd executive Lab.
4 students registered this round (see  a pic attached)
A number is a bit low so we are planning to have a yearly schedule to allow interested individual to plan in advance to attend these trainings.

Idlelo5 Participation for ict@innovation Trainers

The ict@innovation programme would like to inform all ict@innovation trainers that we have opportunities for support to attend the Idlelo5 Conference in Abuja which will be taking place between 19th and 23

LPI Community Exam Lab, Nairobi


LANet Consulting
Kimathi Street Eagle House
Nairobi 00200
Phone: +254722955831
This is the 1st Community Exam Lab for 2012 in Kenya. All LPI exams will be offered and this will be a Paper Based Testing exam lab.
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Looking around us in Awareness

As we come to the close of yet another active year in ict@innovation, its time to take stock again. This is the that time we must look back and take stock. Its the time to look at our successes and failures, at the lost opportunities and the challenges that we surmounted. Yet we must also take time to understand what is happening around us, so that we can encourage ourselves and move forward into the future without any fear.

Its been a momentous year for the FOSS community in Africa.

Linux Training @ ZTE university, Shenzen China for Zambia and Djibouti trainees

Short term training was done at ZTE University on Suse Linux for Zambia's mobile operator, Zamtel, and Djibouti's mobile operator, Djibouti Telecom. Customers were receiving training for ZTE's telecommunication products . Using the knowledge gained from the GIZ ToT training in Dar Es Salaam I was able to incorporate Linux specific training as part of their course. (Many of ZTE's products run on Linux and hence the need for Linux training.) The training was conducted on November 10t, 11th and December 24th.


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