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FOSS Certification

<i><b>This section provides news on Free and Open Source Software Certification in Africa and ict@innovation programme activities in this area. All ict@innovation blog articles categorized as “FOSS Certification" are aggregated here. You can subscribe to this page via RSS Feed by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page.</i></b>

FOSS Certification Planning Workshop: Analysis of Issues

Training and Certification Criteria

Question to the group:

Which criteria do we need to consider when designing the ict@innovation FOSS certification programme? What are the issues regarding these criteria? And how do existing FOSS training and certification schemes meet these criteria?

Outcomes of the FOSS certification planning workshop

FOSS Certification Planning Workshop Overview

Date: 15 – 17 October 2008
Location: Sunnyside Park Hotel, Johannesburg
Number of Participants: 21 people, including facilitators
Countries: South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, Germany

Workshop Outline

The overall workshop objective was

FOSS Certification Email Survey

The objective of the email survey was to find out about FOSS certification needs in different countries, and to get some assessments on the demand for different types of FOSS skills and certifications. The survey received responses from trainers, universities, training institutions in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, and South Africa.

We have grouped skills levels in:

Outcomes of the FOSS certification planning workshop and related research

ict@innovation invited about 20 people with expertise and experience in FOSS training and/or certification from different African countries to a workshop in Johannesburg, from 15 – 17 October 2008.

FOSS Certification planning group

This group is for the programme management and knowledge management of the "Certification" Pillar. Process manager is Evans Ikua, Pillar C manager. Please also see the wiki and the file section for important document and documentation such as:

- distribution list for tender on LPI trainers.

The 6th International ICT Open Access Conference Fair


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Which FOSS certification do you need?

The ict@innovation programme is currently looking into different options for organizing trainings that lead to an internationally recognized FOSS certification. We would like to hear about your opinion and needs! We have opened an online forum where you can help us with your views to take some informed decisions on which type of trainings and certifications we should best invest in.


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