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Coding FOSS in Africa

<b>ict@innovation</b> supports and promotes the development of African Free and Open Source Software Applications.

<b>Learning by Coding</b> - the mentored internship programme (MIP) of AVOIR & ict@innovation In partnership with the university network AVOIR, ict@innovation has launched a Mentored Internship Programme. The mentored internship programme enables interns to learn by coding by involving them in actual FOSS projects and matching them with skilled and dedicated mentors.

• Interns are recruited from small and medium IT enterprises as well as engaged graduate-level students in Africa.
• Mentors are recruited from African IT enterprises and training institutions as well as German and European enterprises and FOSS institutions.

<b>ict@innovation’s aim is to:</b>
• Strengthen practical programming capacities and qualify African FOSS
• Enable them to contribute to local and international FOSS projects
• Support the development of locally relevant software applications,
adapted to the needs of small and medium enterprises and the public sector.

If you are interested in becoming an intern, becoming a mentor, or you are working on a FOSS project you would like to recruit interns for, please get in touch with ict@innovation Programme Manager James Kariuki.

ict@innovation newsletters

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Ict@innovation participant or partner? Join the Group "Alumni of ict@innovation" on the Alumni Portal Germany!

Have you participated in training-of-trainer courses of ict@innovation or in one of its network-ing events? Are you a partner or friend of the FOSSFA/GIZ programme "ict@innovation"? Then you are cordially invited to join the new group "Alumni of ict@innovation " on the Alumniportal Germany. This will enable you to:

... link up with all fellow trainers, participants, partners & friends of ict@innovation

Idlelo5 Participation for ict@innovation Trainers

The ict@innovation programme would like to inform all ict@innovation trainers that we have opportunities for support to attend the Idlelo5 Conference in Abuja which will be taking place between 19th and 23

Tampere University in Finland runs an Open Source Community Game - starting today!!!

Dear all,

The Tampere University of Technology in Finland is running an Open Source Software Community game that allows you to gain open source skills! The game is starting today and for those of you interested in participating at it please just see the original announcement from Vreerendra who is part of the group that is running the game:

Tanzanian trainee programmers get inspiration at the Mentored Internship Programme

A group of geek-interns were out in full force in Tanzania recently, taking part in rigorous FOSS development training, which included topics such as optimisation techniques and infrastructure deployment and maintenance.

The workshop, which is part of the greater Mentored Internship Project also known as the MIP (of which you can find out more information on page 7 of this Chisimba newsletter), was hosted at the University of Dar es Salaam in February this year.

Preparing for Software Freedom Day 17 Sep 2011

Just a quick blog to let all interested parties in Johannesburg and Pretoria know what we are planning for Software Freedom Day on the 17th of September this year.

Its going to be tight as we have left it rather late to organise but I am sure with community involvement we will be able to organise something :)

How to get involved in planning!

In keeping with the SFD approach we are using their wiki to plan our event. In order to accommodate both the Jozi and Pretoria communities we are planning to hold the event in Midrand, hence the wiki link below.

Chisimba spreading the wings through the Mentored Internship Project

Over the last few months, 9 students from the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) have been working on a mentored-internship project (MIP) where they are developing an application based on the Chisimba framework. Supported by the ict@innovation, the interns have been working on a subsection of web-based School Management Information System (SMIS) that would be used by Tanzanian schools. The subsection involved are the academic and the fees modules.

Mentored Internship Project

To bring together all the participants of the MIP


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