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African FOSS Business

<i><b>This section provides news on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for Business in Africa and ict@innovation programme activities in this area. All ict@innovation blog articles categorized as “FOSS Business” are aggregated here. You can subscribe to this page via RSS Feed by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page. </i></b>

FOSS Vs Proprietary Software

It is always interesting that every time I get involved in a discussion about FOSS and Proprietary software, the FOSS enthusiasts always take on an activist approach. This in my opinion becomes the biggest hurdle that faces FOSS entrepreneurs. When I train the FOSS business models course, I am always keen to remind the participants to focus on the business.

Software Freedom Day Dar Es Salaam Tanzania Rocked....!

It was great ,unforgetable day in the history of Free and Open Source Software in Tanzania, as we celebrated Software freedom Day 2012. With  VIPs  around, Participants from the media, academics, business world, lawyers, software developoers, hackers present in the venue…! some from outside the
country , Germany, Canada, Finland, Kenya, what a re-union? i met my
former schoolmate who came all the way from Arusha, Mwanza, Zanzibar,
Iringa and Mbeya to participate in the event…! its a great day…!

Software Freedom Day, Oye-Ekiti Nigeria, Oye Ekiti Nigeria

10Th to 14th of September 2012- Pre-conference program:Tutorial sessions / workshopsThere will be concurrent training session during this period.

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ICT@INNOVATION Workshop Week in Tanzania

From September 16th till September 21st the programme team will meet in Tanzania for a week of workshops.
We have a full week ahead: Monday: Pillar C - Evaluating the Internship Programme
Tuesday - Wednesday - Evaluation Workshop
Thursday - Volunteer Community Workshop
Friday - Steering Committee Meeting

In particular the evaluation and community workshop are of great importance as we will be looking back on four years of programme implementation and then will look ahead into the future.

Software Freedom Day Activity in Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi had a series of SFD activities planned.

The first was student challenge which was organised on 31st August at Strathmore University. During this day a number of students made presentation on IT projects that they have developed or are currently working on that are based on FOSS.

A number of interesting projects were demonstrated.

Formation sur “Entreprendre avec les Logiciels Libres en Afrique (ELLA)”

Pour la première fois une formation sur “Entreprendre avec les Logiciels Libres en Afrique (ELLA)” se tient en Afrique Francophone. C’est la terre de Senghor (Sénégal) qui a l’honneur d’abriter cette formation qui se déroulera du 03 au 14 septembre 2012. Il faut également préciser qu’une première phase s’est tenue en ligne du 21 au 31 août 2012. Voir l'article de notre participant Mme Wendemi Pascaline ILBOUDO (Burkina Faso) ici:

Trainer of Trainers Course Kicks off in Senegal

The first french FOSS Business models ToT kicked off today 3rd Sept. 2012 in Dakar Senegal. This training has been named ¨Entreprendre avec les Logiciels Libre en Afrique¨ (EllA).The training brings together enthusiastic participants comprising of professors and entrepreneurs from various francophone African countries. There are participants from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d´Ivoire, Mali,Niger,Senegal and Togo. This particular training has 7 women participants out of the total 26 who turned up on Day 1. The largest number in a ToT in the ict@innovation programme.

FOSS Business in Education

Today I was giving a presentation to Kenyan Teachers (primary & secondary school level) on FOSS tools and resources for education. It was refreshing to see great enthusiasm from a number of teachers on the willingness to adopt FOSS. What they however indicated is that they do not have skills to be install and integrate the technology into their institution.

FOSS Business Models Training in Tanzania


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

FOSS Business Models Training organised by Zalongwa Technologies Ltd. Contact for more information.

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