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Linux Admin trainers

This group is meant for experienced Linux users who intend to participate in this project as trainers. There are two categories in this group, which will both work together.

The first category is the Linux Power users who have already been delivering training on Linux, most likely leading to a certification like LPI or Red Hat etc. These individuals will participate in our training of trainers where we will deliver training to increase the number of Linux trainers in the target countries. Their level of experience is 5 years and above with Linux

The second category will be made up of Linux users who intend to be Linux trainers. These are the individuals who will benefit from our training of trainers, so that they can go on and train other people in their institutions. These most likely belong to FOSS training institutions, or are running their own businesses as trainers. They will get LPI training and certification and we will also support them to go and offer Linux training in their institutions. These are individuals who have been using Linux at least for a year, so they are not new to Linux and open source.

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