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Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 in Tanzania


Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa, Tanzania chapter, is organising a training programme entitled Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 as a pre conference event and campaign to create awareness and advocate the practical benefits of open source software towards Software Freedom Day Celebration in Tanzania, which will be held at COSTECH, Dar Es Salaam on 15th September 2012. Training will be conducted at Ruaha University College (Iringa), National Institute Of Transport (Dar Es Salaam), Arusha Technical College (Arusha), State University Of Zanzibar (Zanzibar) and Zalongwa Technologies (Dar Es Salaam).
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Iringa Ruaha University College -27th August - 06th September Coordinator: Baby Baraka Chuma   Cell: 0754491181
Dar Es Salaam - N.I.T  27th Aug– 06th Sept                                       Coordinator: Edgar Telesphory   Cell: 0754283703
Dar Es Salaam - Zalongwa Zalongwa Technologies,Mbezi Beach Branch 27th August – 06th September                                           Coordinator: Dr. Juma Lungo       Cell: 0655065098
Arusha - Arusha Technical College 03rd - 13th September
Coordinator: Ismail Settenda     Cell: 0752225576
Zanzibar - State University Of Zanzibar 03rd - 13th September Coordinator:  Yahya Sheikh         Cell: 0777438903

2012/08/27 - 2012/09/13
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