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Seminar: FOSS/FLOSS: Why an opportunity for the college of Technology? University of Buea


The resumee of the seminar consists of four parts:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Beneficiaires
  • Outcomes


The seminar is to introduce the FOSS concept, its advantages, disadvantages, challenges and applications in educational ecosystem. The presentation will focus on FOSS that can be used in educational milieu: administration, teaching, learning and research.


There are several goals but we shall focus on the educational objectives which are:

  • students and administration should be aware that there is an alternative for proprietary called FOSS
  • avoidance of the lock-in for the proprietary i.e., the students using FOSS have the possibility to collaborate in the community for the development of FOSS, access the source code and modify it to do what they want, thus developing their creativity.


Those who stand to benefit from this seminar are:

  • University and College:products FOSS like libre office, Koha
  • Students: free compilers, free operating systems etc.
  • Teaching: Geogebra, Logisim, Moodle


The end result of this seminar is that the university and College can integrate FOSS in their curriculum. The idea of using at the different level of the college is feasible(administration, teaching, learning and research)

2012/09/27 - 2012/09/27