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LPIC-1 Linux System Administration Certification


This is the 2nd Batch of LPIC-1 Certification  that commenced the training on 12th May 2012 at Linux Learning Centre Ltd, Nairobi, KENYA. We have a total number of 10 participants who are pursuing the LPIC Level 1 Certification.
The certification training comprises LPIC 101 Linux System Administration I and LPIC 102 Linux System Administration II.
LPIC 101 Linux System Administration I
The module covers the following areas :

  •  Installing Linux (RedHat and Debian based systems), making appropriate choices for disk partitioning.
  • Booting the system, changing run levels, shutdown and reboot.
  • Working at the shell command prompt.
  • Installing and Managing packages using both RedHat and Debian tools.
  • Managing, finding, copying, deleting, archiving and compressing files and directories.

  • Processing text streams using pipes, fiters and redirection.

  • Managing processes and modifying the process execution priorities.

  • Searching text files with regular expressions and editing files with vi.

  • Creating partitions and filesystems, and maintaining their integrity.

  • Controlling file access permissions.

LPIC 102 Linux System Administration II
The module covers the following areas :

  • Customising the shell and write simple shell scripts
  • Querying databases and manipulate data using SQL

  • Installing and configuring the X  server and set up a display manager.

  • Managing user accounts and groups.

  • Scheduling jobs at regular intervals using cron.

  • Localising the system for a language other than English.

  • Keeping your system clock correct.

  • Managing printers and printing.

  • Understanding IP networking and setting up basic network configuration.

  • Maintaining host security and enabling secure login with ssh.