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Engage with FOSSFA

The vision of the Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) is to promote the use of FOSS and the FOSS model in African development, and the organization supports the integration of FOSS in national policies. FOSSFA also coordinates, promotes, and adds value to African FOSS initiatives, creativity, industry, expertise, efforts and activities at all levels. For more information, please visit:

To become a FOSSFA member, please fill the FOSSFA Membership Application .


What does FOSSFA do?


  • Promotes the use of the FOSS model in African development.
  • Promotes the integration and adoption of FOSS in national policies
  • Coordinates Africa's Free Software efforts
  • Uses FOSSFA expertise to add value to FOSS initiatives in the continent
  • Acts as Africa's FOSS voice
  • Plays an interface role between international and continental FOSS efforts
  • Contributes FOSS applications towards the achievement of women empowerment, the Millennium Development Goals and sustainable development in Africa.
  • Promotes African FOSS expertise, creativity and industry
  • Partners with development organizations who share same goals with FOSSFA


OK, but why should I join FOSSFA?

The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa membership provides a number of benefits including:

  • Be one of the leaders and champions advocating FOSS for African development
  • Become a successful activist through principled leadership and high ethical standards demonstrated through openness, respect and netiquette
  • Email Forwarding Address providing members with a free email address.
  • Registration discounts to participate in the FOSSFA Conferences - eg. Idlelo Conference
  • Invitation to participate/speak at conferences on FOSS Related Issues
  • Access to a wide network of FOSS advocates and FOSS experts
  • FOSSFA Mentoring to foster mentoring relationships between FOSSFA members and FOSS Clubs.
  • Opportunities for mentoring with International FOSSFA partners
  • Volunteering opportunities that build leadership skills and networking opportunities
  • Priority access to FOSS Jobs and Careers
  • FOSSFA support in job and business recommendations
  • Priority in FOSSFA Training and Activity funding
  • Subscriptions to FOSSFA Newsletter and Publications
  • Email Alerts for any FOSSFA journal, magazine, conference proceeding or FOSSFA newsletter.
  • FOSSFA Multiple-Year Renewal (up to 5 years) option offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Publication of membership list information on website to serve as a platform for matching FOSS consultants with clients.
  • Inclusion in FOSSFA membership directory and competences