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The University of Dar es Salaam

The University of Dar es salaam Computing Center (UCC) is having 9 interns participating MIP. These interns are students at the University of Dar es salaam from Computer Science department and College of Engineering. The interns are being supervised by three mentors; Frank Tilugulilwa (Who is also a UDSM node coordinator), Godfrey Mbele and Emmanuel Natalis. Depending on Mentors and Interns timetable, at least three times a week the mentors and Interns meet discussing on the progress of the projects. There is also an online discussion through their mailing list where an intern can ask for assistance any time. All interns and mentors are also members of chisimba mailing list which they use ask for Chisimba related questions.

The UCC’s interns are working on a School Management Information System using Chisimba. There is a ready market for this kind of a system in the education system in Tanzania, as well as other countries. Due to the scope of the project, two modules we identified to be done and completed by the interns. These modules are the Academic and the Fees Modules.

Academic Module
The scope of this module is to record academic related records of secondary student , case study being Tanzanian secondary schools. Once a student joins form one or form five, he/she will be registered in the system will be able to record the academic progress of that student until he/she completes studies or get transferred. Having those records of students, the system will be able to compile examination results, get various reports and statistics class wise or for the whole school. With the system it will be easier for a class master or academic master to prepare report for a particular exam.

Fees/Payment Module
Involving the School Bursar's on reconciliation and tracking payment trends of tuition fee, accommodation, transport among others across the instalments.

 Intern  Mentor  Project
Elibariki Amon
Godfrey Mbele Academic Module
Victor Katemana
Godfrey Mbele Academic Module
Charles Mhoja
Godfrey Mbele Academic Module
Boniface Chacha
Frank Tilugulilwa Academic Module
Venance Mushy
Frank Tilugulilwa Fees/Payment Module
Mariagoreth Joseph
Frank Tilugulilwa Fees/Payment Module
John Richard
Emanuel Natalis Fees/Payment Module
Mateso Augustino
Emanuel Natalis Fees/Payment Module
Hillary Nchimbi Emanuel Natalis Academic Module

Umutara Polytechnic

The Umutara Polytechnic in Nyagatare, Rwanda has 4 interns. The interns are final year computing students. They are being supervised by two mentors: Principe Camake and Luc Ngend Ngend. The interns at UP are working on different systems including invoice management, library, e-voting and mutual health.

The invoice management system is meant to create an electronic invoice that can be sent via email without using a spreadsheet or a word processor.

The library information system if for automating the borrowing and reservation of library resources.

The e-voting software helps 3 three kind of users: candidates can post their candidatures, community can vote and electoral body can get those data and automatically publish results.

Mutual health system manages members' contribution an payments in a collective contribution system.

Intern Mentor Project
UWAMAHORO Cornelle CAMAKE Principe Invoice Management System
RUKUNDO Maharariel CAMAKE Principe Library Information System
MUNEZERO Elise NGEND NGEND Luc Enstein E-voting Management System
MAZIMPAKA Jean César NGEND NGEND Luc Enstein Mutual Health Information System