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The mentored internship programme (MIP) enables coders to apply what they learn in theory to “real world problems” and gain self-confidence and skills in self-marketing. It seeks to help local businesses and communities "grow their own timber" when it comes to the development, adaptation and customisation of Free and Open Source Software. Our aim is to  qualify FOSS developers and experts of IT-associations, training institutions as well as other relevant change agents in the development of innovative local FOSS solutions. Thereby, the programming skills of FOSS-experts and developers are improved, more African developers are motivated and enabled to contribute to local and international FOSS projects and more African  high-quality FOSS solutions are developed which address local needs.  

To achieve this, we are always seeking innovative ways, ideas and partnerships to create opportunities for coding Free and Open Source Software in Africa. These include human capacity, space, time as well as financial resources so that we can have young and upcoming software developers in groups and partnerships to learn together.

Our partners include and not limited to institutions of higher learning in Africa through the auspices of African Virtual Online Initiatives and Resources (AVOIR), The Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), and  Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We are also seeking partnerships with development agencies, government agencies and large corporations that would help in providing towards the success of the project.

By joining the the MIP, organisations working with FOSS are able to contribute to the skills development of the youth as well as tap into the youth talent. In addition, the organisation can make money through the software being developed.

To join the Mentored Internship Project, contact me James Njenga, The MIP Manager.