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ICT@INNOVATION: Mentored Internship Programme Resources

The MIP resources available here are for the projects that we are currently engaged in. Most of these resources have been developed by the documentation teams of the FOSS projects that the fall under.

Who can use the resources?

These resources are available for reference all the interns and mentors in the various projects. In addition, people who would like to get involved in the listed FOSS projects can use the materials.

How can I use it?

The materials as they are can be used by more advanced programmers to get involved in the FOSS projects mentioned. Beginners might require training on the FOSS projects until they can be in a position to use the manuals as reference materials.

Available Resources

a) The Chisimba Project

 Chisimba is a powerful framework for developing web-based applications. From the Chisimba Project Page:

Chisimba is a Web 2.0 enabled rapid application development framework for creating web applications that are platform independent, browser independent, and can use a number of common databases. It is written in PHP5 using the model-view-controller architectural paradigm, implemented via a modular architecture.

 The resources available for the Chisimba Project are (click on the link to download):

1. The Developer Manual

2. The Chisimba CSS Manual

 Additional information on the project can be obtained from the Chisimba Project website.

b) The FTA Academy Web Design Course

For those starting up, you might need to invest sometime in understanding the Apache Web Server, and also the inner workings of Web scripting languages. The Free Technology Academic (FTA) has assembled a course "Web Applications Development" to assist you in doing this. There is a complete coursebook on the FTA's website.