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mponda campira mulauzi

First name: 
mponda campira
Last name: 
Interested in ict@innovation Component: 


Phone: +258 847 223 735
How I would like to participate in ict@innovation: 
i am very open to participate in any ict@innovation projects in which i might having capapcity because ict@innovation was my first big break and professsional introduction to the world of FOSS. I would be willinng to do the national training of trainers program and to continue offering simillar short workshops. I would also like to work with ict@inovation certification so the our local courses could be standadised and have more valure and national and international recognition. i would also like to work with inwent GC21 Global Campus to adopt some of their Couses for local needs
Chief Technical Director. ubuntu projects chimoio
My FOSS related Project(s): 

 foss in education and training

Foss IT training (ubuntu)

 foss migrations, internet solutions

web design

linux and open office support

we specilaise in Ubuntu based solutions and  other  lite linux distros for old machines

Advanced African Foss Trainer of trainers

I am looking for: 
At present i am in the process of setting up a FOSS community ict centre to just advocate,train, demosntrate,consult and do about anything computers can dfo but being open source and more non profit just implementing open source spirit. we  woould like to create a centre to tteach the community and mostly youths about open source, we would like to engage other specialist like multimedia designers and experts, system adminstrators, business analysts in deffernt fields such that we would preach and implement FOSS solutions for the love of it(and humanity)