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Andrea Goetzke

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180° 0' 0" N, 360° 0' 0" E
How I would like to participate in ict@innovation: 

overall international coordination

International Coordinator for ict@innovation / in general: Concepts, Analysis, Programme Management
My FOSS related Project(s): 

I am the international coordinator of the ict@innovation programme.

With the newthinking network in Germany, we are engaged in a variety of activities related to open source:

* With the newthinking store in Berlin, we have a venue dedicated to events, trainings, dialogue and consulting on issues related to open source software, as well as creative commons, web 2.0, media art, etc..

* With newthinking communications, we do web development with FOSS. We consult on open source strategies and a variety of issues related to ICTs and society and ICT4D, such as this ict@innovation project. We are public lead for Creative Commons in Germany, write the German weblog netzpolitik, and organize the blogger conference re:publica, to provide some examples.

I am looking for: 

* Trainers and training institutions who would be interested to integrate a component on African FOSS Business in their training portfolio.
* People with experience in FOSS certification and related trainings in African countries.