ict@innovation is a capacity building programme which supports small and medium ICT enterprises and aims to encourage the growth of African ICT industries by:

1) spreading FOSS business models for enterprises 

2) fostering FOSS certification and

3) supporting innovative local FOSS applications for social and economic development.  

The ict@innovation portal provides free training materials, information on courses, and contact to people working with FOSS across Africa. You can become part of the ict@innovation community by registering a profile.

ict@innovation Blog

News on Free and Open Source Software in Africa and ict@innovation programme activities

Zalongwa To Sponsor Dar 2012 SFD

FOSSFA TZ members and FOSS well-wishers in Tanzania are looking forward to have a grand event in this year Software Freedom Day, which will be composed of contests, paper presentations, FOSS related cultural event, various FOSS training and what else ? Goodies during Networking session to all participants.

The first sponsor, Zalongwa www.zalongwa.com is a FOSS business entity which is doing well in Tanzania and abroad, will offer a number of FOSS related trainings. However, some more groups, individuals are still invited to show-case their FOSS products, demos, training.

″Appreciation and acknowledgement and impact from relevant knowledge is what tempts people to share their knowledge.″

Not long ago, Frank Tilugulilwa tweeted a link to an article about the efforts of Tanzania`s government to soon provide the citizens of Tanzania with „fast, efficient and affordable data traffic to support a range of industries.“ No wonder that this information matters to Frank Tilugulilwa. He is the head of the Free Software Innovation Unit at University of Dar es Salaam Computing Center Ltd, and one of the trainers of GIZs and FOSSFAs pan-african FOSS Business Trainings.

Science Hack Day, Innovation Hubs and Access to Technology

I am sitting on the 4th floor of Piedmont Plaza at 88mph attending the Science Hack Day Nairobi. As I watch the busy Ngong Road traffic on a rainy evening just opposite the Kenya Science University College, I can't help but appreciate the advances that we have made in Kenya in terms of spreading access to technology. This is just one of the many innovation hubs that we have in Nairobi besides the iHub, iLab, NaiLab, mLab and others that I may not know about. This is only my first time here, though I have been to the Brew Bistro on the first floor several times.

How to sustain the ICT@innovation communities

Dear Community Members

We need your attention. The funding phase of ict@innovation is ending at the end of 2012. During Idlelo 5 last week, some of us had the chance to meet and gather ideas on how to keep the ict@innovation communities on FOSS Business Models and Linux Certification active and growing. Now your contributions are needed as well!

Idlelo5 ends in Abuja, Welcome to Nairobi for Idlelo6

We have just got back home after attending Idlelo5 in Abuja, Nigeria. The theme of the conference which was hosted by the Open Source Foundation of Nigeria (OSFON) in partnership with FOSSFA was ¨Open Source Solutions for Achieving the Millenium Development Goals¨.

Idlelo is a conference held every two years by FOSSFA. Ict@innovation has been participating on a regular basis since Idlelo3 in Senegal four years ago.