ict@innovation is a capacity building programme which supports small and medium ICT enterprises and aims to encourage the growth of African ICT industries by:

1) spreading FOSS business models for enterprises 

2) fostering FOSS certification and

3) supporting innovative local FOSS applications for social and economic development.  

The ict@innovation portal provides free training materials, information on courses, and contact to people working with FOSS across Africa. You can become part of the ict@innovation community by registering a profile.

ict@innovation Blog

News on Free and Open Source Software in Africa and ict@innovation programme activities

Innovation made illegal

About three years ago, my house codeless phone got blown off by a bolt of lightening. The following six months I moved from company to company, and consulted several experts in an attempt to have it fixed but all efforts proved futile. One company I visited a well recognized telecom company (I will not mention the name) has a subsidiary company renowned for its technical capacity and expertise to fix all manner of telecom equipment.

Call for Training of Trainers published -- apply now!

Wanted: Future trainers on “Free & Open Source Business Models for
Africa” in East and Southern Africa!

    Application Deadline is May 30, 2009.

Are you interested in building a successful business in Free/Open
Source Software (FOSS), and in helping others to do the same?

Do you have a solid background in business and FOSS?

Do you have experience in training others, and/or are you part of
a training institution?

Then respond by MAY 30 to become part of an exciting training
programme on building businesses with Free/Open Source Software.

The call for participants in the Training of Trainers is now open
at http://ict-innovation.fossfa.net/call.

FOSSFA and OSIWA to invest close to One Hundred Thousand Dollars in FOSS Research

FOSSFA and OSIWA's FOSS for West Africa (FOSSWAY) project is set to invest in FOSS research in West Africa.  In the recently published Call for Tender both organisations are awarding a research contract up to the tune of 65 000 US dollars for a Study to be carried out in five West African Countries.

Content Creation Workshop on "African FOSS Business Models"

On March 10-12, 2009, more than 20 people gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, for the ict@innovation Content Creation Workshop. Hosted at Strathmore University, the group of experts came together for three days of intense work on training materials on the subject of African FOSS business models.

More information on the workshop is available here.

ICT@Innovation Workshop - Knowledge Harvesting

“How do your organize a workshop whose objective is to collect what those participating ‘know’ about a particular subject?” A colleague of mine once asked me during a workshop planning session. “The same way we organize all other workshops” I must have answered without much thought. It was soon after a five day workshop entitled ‘harvesting knowledge and experiences in content generation and adaptation’ that we realized how important the question was. That was almost threes ago.