ict@innovation is a capacity building programme which supports small and medium ICT enterprises and aims to encourage the growth of African ICT industries by:

1) spreading FOSS business models for enterprises 

2) fostering FOSS certification and

3) supporting innovative local FOSS applications for social and economic development.  

The ict@innovation portal provides free training materials, information on courses, and contact to people working with FOSS across Africa. You can become part of the ict@innovation community by registering a profile.

ict@innovation Blog

News on Free and Open Source Software in Africa and ict@innovation programme activities

Celebrating Software Freedom Day 2009 by Promoting International Networking

This year, to celebrate SFD, InWEnt hosted a virtual event to connect its programme partners in Asia and Africa working to promote FOSS.

Software Freedom Day Events Around the World

Kampala, Uganda will be hosting a special event on September 19th at the Software Incubator Makarere University for Software Freedom Day 2009. Their aim is to host the biggest international celebration and outreach event for Software Freedom globally with hundreds of teams from all around the world participating! The event will include competitions and demonstrations of Free and Open Source Software and everyone is invited to come and find out about the benefits of Free and Open Source Software.

Half Time – First Feedback from the FOSS Business Trainings

The trainings for African FOSS Business Models, a major part of the ict@innovation programme, are currently being conducted in southern and eastern Africa – this summer first trainings took place in South Africa and Uganda. One of the participants of the Uganda training, Isaac Kigen, described the training as an important opportunity: "The training comes at a time when the world is embracing free and open source software and Africa should not be left behind. I think the objectives of the training are being more than met.

FOSS Advocacy in East Africa

During the advocacy session it was realised that the issues affecting FLOSS in the various countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda present at the workshop were very similar. The following are some of the items that were raised:
1. The use of the term Free and Open seems to be more of a problem.
2. There are various uncoordinated efforts to promote and advocate for FOSS, sometimes seemingly to undo efforts of the other.
3. Inadequate technical skills to support open source projects.

The first East African Regional FOSS Business Models Course gets Underway in Kampala,Uganda

31 August 2009, Kampala, Uganda

The first East African Regional Workshop on Advanced FOSS Business Models got under way on Monday the 31 of August in Kampala.