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The following Africa-based trainers and experts have all been qualified by partaking in the ict@innovation Training-of-Trainer programme. They have acquired experience and expertise in "African FOSS Business Models for IT-SMEs" and now offer trainings and other services themselves.

Feel free to contact these persons, if you are interested in trainers and training services in the area of Open Source and business, in particular "African FOSS Business Models".

Name Countrysort descending
Jose Nhavoto Mozambique
Nelia Elias Mozambique
Celso Timana Mozambique
Jonnathan Guambe Mozambique
mitilage mariano Mozambique
Gerhold B. Kooper Namibia
Roland Meier Namibia
Babatunde Lawal Nigeria
Public Profile 4539 Nigeria
Olaniyi Moluga Nigeria