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Excelling Enterprises with Advanced African FOSS Business Models

1. Introduction
The College of Informatics and Virtual Education at the UDOM is participating in rolling out the national trainings on Advanced African Business Models with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) that were developed by ICT@ Innovation. Thesecond seasonal training is scheduled for 3rd to 7th Oct. 2011. It is being organized by Mr Hector Mongi in collaboration with Jabhera Matogoro.

2. Training Objectives The broad objective of this training is to equip participants with hands-on skills on how to make business from FOSS. Specifically, Participants will learn how to:

  • Make business with FOSS.
  • Maximize return on IT investment by your organization.
  • Enhance your innovativeness and competitiveness in IT business.
  • Install, configure and use nagios and cacti for network management

3. Learning OutcomesAt the end of this training, participants will have knowledge on the following aspects;

  • How to make business using FOSS.
  • How to develop a business plan or business proposal through FOSS
  • How to organize and hold trainings
  • Business Models for local SME
  • How to install, configure and use nagios and cacti for networks.

4. Contents of the training
The training will cover both aspects of business and associated technologies. Phase I covers four modules with thefollowing contents:

Module 1: Introduction to Emerging FOSS Business Models

Module 2: African FOSS Business Models: Case Studies

Module 3: Communicating FOSS

Module 4: FOSS Applications for Network Management

5. Training methods
Training methods will include participatory discussions, team work, hands-on sessions, case studies and few lectures. Participants with possession of laptops are encouraged to bring them. Language of instruction will be a combination of English and Swahili.

6. Target participantsThis training is intended for: Small and Medium ICT enterprises within public and private sectors, Systems Administrators, Systems Analyst, ICT Officers, CEO, Managers, Graduates in ICT and Business who are inspired to start IT

7. Participation Fees
Tshs 350,000/= which covers training materials, refreshments and lunch. Discounts at 15% shall apply for those who pay their fees before 25 September 2011.
Special rate for students is Tshs 150,000/= with 20% discounts for those who pay before 25 September 2011.

8. Mode of PaymentAll payments should be made through bank using the following details:Bank: CRDB Bank LtdA/C Name: UDOM—CIVEA/C Number: 01J1083779600

9. AwardUpon completion of phase I of the training, the participants shall be awarded with certificate of completion. They’ll therefore become eligible for phase II which is scheduled for early 2012.

10. More information contact: or

Phone: +255 784 423 615 or

+255 765 822 998 or

+255 713 252 142

Also visit



University of Dodoma
Phone: +255 754 934795
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