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The 6th International ICT Open Access Conference Fair

For more information visit


Phone: 265(0)8 843148
180° 0' 0" N, 360° 0' 0" E


Dear George,

I am interested in participating in this event.

How do I enrol and are there any requirements? Can I obtain sponsorships to join the event?


Dear Prospective Participant, Many thanks for the enquiry on the issue for sponsorship to attend this event. Unfortunately,InWEnt on behalf of ICT@Innovation is not able to offer this assitance.We are serving as an information hub for most F/OSS related activities in Africa.I wish we were able to assist you,please try to visit the conference website for a possibilty of sponsorships from the organizer.If i do get information on sponsorship for this conference,i will advise you accordingly. Best Regards George G Nyambuya Project Manager (Africa)-ICT@Innovation Tel: +27 (0)12 423 6313 Fax: +27 (0)12 342 8594 E-mail: Postal address: P.O. Box 13630 Hatfield 0028 South Africa Physical address: InWEnt Capacity Bui

Dear George,

I am glad and happy of what you are doing. I am one of the ICT technicians, musician and also working as a Chief Executive Director for a community based organization targeting PLWHAs, OVCs, street families and other vulnerable in the community.

We are supporting the target beneficiaries to access computer skills, basic needs, enablng them access basic education, child protection, care, rehabilitation, and rehabilitation, capacity builiding the groups to be self-reliant and referrence to access medical care.

I will be glad to be updated and ehanced my skills to improve the care and support we are offering as a team.

I also kindly request you to kindly inform me of any scheduled events that i can be able to attend, participate and share with others in learning and empowering each other.

I will be gald to hear from you.


Malloy Miruka Nyakwama
Mobile: +254 726935646

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