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Taking the first steps

ict@innovation has been running successfully for the past four years. Look what ict@innovation has achieved so far. Today, we have 111 trainers on Business Models and 69 on certification, Over 300 members on the FBT mailing list and more than 150 on the LPI mailing list 750 individual members and 500 FOSS-related organisations registered on the ict@innovation website As the GIZ-funded phase of the project is coming to an end, the project management team is finding new ways to make sure that ict@innovation will continue to be managed after 2012. To identify people who are interested in helping manage the programme from 2012 on, a call was sent out a few weeks ago. We are very happy that a number of people got back to us and during the past weeks we have formed a first group of volunteers. The group of volunteers is managed by FOSSFA community manager Mawusee. Currently, we are defining all necessary volunteer roles, tasks and responsibilities. These tasks will range from administrating the mailing lists to keeping the training material up to date, from updating the website to providing marketing material for follow-up trainings. Here is an overview of the current distribution of roles: We will keep you posted on the development of the group of volunteer during the next months.


That's commendable lets continue to do more barassah

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