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The Kenyan organization Skunkworks organized an ICT Open Day today, Oct. 4th, 08, in Nairobi. The event featured a variety of local (mostly open source) software projects and their developers -

"A free event for everyone to discover great technologies, learn about the best software solutions Kenya has to offer and meet the community that develops it.", as the flyer announces. "the first Skunkworks organized conference on local-grown mobile, web and desktop software - setup by Alex Gakuru. It’s a mixture of demos, with a scattering of talks by high-level sponsors and the Permanent Secretary of Information Dr. Ndemo." A review of the different applications that were presented, like Tulipe (African Payment System), TimeTabler (School Scheduling Application), Kikwe (Send Airtime Across Africa), and Jahazi (Local Kenyan Internet Content) can be found at the White African Blog.

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I am a freelance writer specialized in Free SW and education, see or to know more about my work. I would like to ask you some questions for some articles I'd like to write about FOSS in Africa, please contact me by email if interested.
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Marco Fioretti

Thanks for the info and the PDF, I had been reviewing similar 642-373 PDF preparation materials during my certifications which also lead the way for more advanced exams like 646-363 and the likes.

Those open days are just awesome. It is interesting to observe software application development process in Kenya. I hope this year I will not miss this open day. By the way respect to Skunkworks, they really rock the software market in Kenya. Thanks for the post btw.




Travis Lisson from software application development

It is nice to know that such developing countries as Kenya start to gain interest in software development and IT overall. I would like to go in this country once in my life and make few seminars on software development and other topics related to open source software. Thanks for your blog, I am always reading it and I enjoy doing it a lot.

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Leon Trackson from tiff to jpg

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