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ict@innovation supports and promotes the development of African Free and Open Source Software Applications. Learning by Coding - the mentored internship programme (MIP) of AVOIR & ict@innovation In partnership with the university network AVOIR, ict@innovation has launched a Mentored Internship Programme. The mentored internship programme enables interns to learn by coding by involving them in actual FOSS projects and matching them with skilled and dedicated mentors.

• Interns are recruited from small and medium IT enterprises as well as engaged graduate-level students in Africa.

• Mentors are recruited from African IT enterprises and training institutions as well as German and European enterprises and FOSS institutions.

ict@innovations aim is to:

• Strengthen practical programming capacities and qualify African FOSS developers

• Enable them to contribute to local and international FOSS projects

• Support the development of locally relevant software applications, adapted to the needs of small and medium enterprises and the public sector.


If you are interested in becoming an intern, becoming a mentor, or you are working on a FOSS project you would like to recruit interns for, please get in touch with ict@innovation Programme Manager James Kariuki.



For updates on current activities please see below: