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Linux Admin Certification

The Linux Admin Certification part of the ict@innovation programme aims to help African SMEs involved in Open Source Solutions development, implementation and training to improve the quality of their services offered as well as the level of trust of customers through certification of their FOSS skills. Here, you can ...

... get an advanced training guide on Linux System Administration - LPI Level 1.

Find an overview of available training materials for the LPI exam.

... find courses in Linux System Administration and related certification (LPI) in Africa

If you are interested in joining a "Linux System Administration " course in your country in Southern and East Africa and get certified, please check our section  "join a course".


... meet the Community of African Linux Admin Trainers & Certification experts

Are you interested in organizations or people working with Free and Open Source Software Certification in Africa? See our list of African Linux Admin Certification Trainers or search our community database for related contacts.


... check the trainers' Space to participate in the community of African Linux Admin Trainers & Certification experts

We offer an internal group (register and login for access) and a mailing list for experienced Linux users who intend to participate as trainers in the Linux Admin certification programme with ict@innovation trainers.

The project partners have appreciated the importance and urgency of increasing the number of certified Linux system administrators on the African continent so as to have a bigger impact on the uptake of FOSS on the continent.

.. check our training-of-trainer services in the area of Linux System Administration Certification in Africa:

To achieve this, the program is providing the following services to the community:

  • We have developed and provide open content training material for free use such as the ict@innovation Training Guide on Linux System Administration LPI 1 - using the Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPI) - LPI is a distribution and vendor-neutral standard for evaluating the competency of Linux professionals
  • We offer Training of Trainer courses to emloyees of IT SMEs, training instituitions or start-ups in the participating countries, leading to the LPI exams for certification. See below for news on upcoming courses. 
  • We support the African trainers community to deliver Linux System Administration trainings and certification in their countries and institutions as a business model.

A major barrier against adoption and deployment of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in sub-Saharan Africa is the lack of human resources with FOSS skills demonstrated by recognized certificates. This programme aims to address the problem by qualifying trainers, so that these trainers in turn will be able to multiply their expertise for a self-sustaining development of FOSS human resources and requisite certification programmes.

The training of trainer course is offered to trainers and institutions with a strong commitment to introduce the knowledge of Linux to others, their staff members and communities. This should be done by implementing trainings by the LPIC 1 certified representatives within three months after the training. Monitoring and supervision will be provided by ict@innovation.

For detailed information on ict@innovation plans and activities in the area of FOSS Certification please read:

ict-innovation Brochure - Linux Certification Training


For updates on current activities please see below: