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Call for Participants for the 3rd Regional Training of Trainers in Tanzania

Third Regional Training of Trainers for Linux Admin Certification for East Africa (Code: LToT3)

13th June 2011

Linux administration training of trainers course

The Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) in cooperation with GIZ (former InWent) Germany, are planning to hold a Linux administration Training of Trainers (LToT) workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

New FREE UNU Book: ‘The Why and How of Open Education - With lessons from the openSE and openED Projects’

This UNU Book on ‘The Why and How of Open Education’ is an introduction to Open Education (OE), giving practical guidance on the design and delivery of OE courses while wrestling with theoretical considerations of this new and emerging domain. Educators are the main targets, but it will also be relevant to policy makers, senior education managers and the learning industry as a whole.

TAKE IT OR TEACH IT: FREE Course on Business and Management Competencies in a Web 2.0 world (2nd edition) starting April 26!!!

Dear all,

I'd like to invite you, your colleagues or peers to our 2nd edition of this course!

The openED course on “Business and Management Competencies in a Web 2.0 world” will start on April 26th 2011 in its 2nd edition!

The best Linux training ever

“Quite simply, the best Linux training ever.”

What defines a fantastic course?

When you learn something useful. When you make connections with fellow students. When the material inspires ideas. When you argue for hours about cron.


Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Proctor Training

e-Learning Africa Conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


30th April 2011

Kenyan University to offer Linux Training

This story was done 6 year ago. It is good food for thought about how a private company/individual can partner with a University or learning institution - private or public, to offer Linux training and certification in a mutually profitable manner.

* Marketing for FBT and LPI Trainers : A perspective from LPI (Part 2)

As a continuation of  our discussion around Marketing for FBT or LPI for the ICT@innovation project, I would like to further explore another subject area-PRODUCT.

Faye Macheke, in her presentation, underscored the need for the Trainer to have a strong command of their product, that is: What is it that you are selling? What can it do? What are the advantages? etc.When a Trainer is armed with a strong command of their subject area, it is quite easy for the Trainer to sell the Product.

School in Mozambique goes Linux

I recently got good news from Mozambique, where Celso Timana from CENFOSS is building up Linux capacity from the ground. In cooperation with the German NGO “Linux4Africa”, he just opened a classroom with 23 Computers running Edubuntu and a X2GO Server at Maputos Malhazine Secondary School in Maputo.

Marketing for FBT and LPI Trainers : A perspective from LPI

The just recently concluded LPI Train the Trainer Workshop that was held in Randburg,Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA between the 25th of February and the 5th of March 2011, was also graced by the presence a representative of the LPI Master Afflilate through Mrs Faye Macheke.

Second LPI Training of Trainers workshop kicks off in Johannesburg

The second Linux Admin Training of Trainers workshop for Southern Africa kicked off in Randburg, Johannesburg, on Monday, 20th February. This workshop is bringing together 17 participants from South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Malawi. At the end of the two week training, the participants will be ready to sit the LPIC-1 exams which will be hosted here at the Randburg Youth Chamber of Commerce (Rycob) Technoprenuership centre.


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