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Looking around us in Awareness

As we come to the close of yet another active year in ict@innovation, its time to take stock again. This is the that time we must look back and take stock. Its the time to look at our successes and failures, at the lost opportunities and the challenges that we surmounted. Yet we must also take time to understand what is happening around us, so that we can encourage ourselves and move forward into the future without any fear.

Its been a momentous year for the FOSS community in Africa.

Linux Training @ ZTE university, Shenzen China for Zambia and Djibouti trainees

Short term training was done at ZTE University on Suse Linux for Zambia's mobile operator, Zamtel, and Djibouti's mobile operator, Djibouti Telecom. Customers were receiving training for ZTE's telecommunication products . Using the knowledge gained from the GIZ ToT training in Dar Es Salaam I was able to incorporate Linux specific training as part of their course. (Many of ZTE's products run on Linux and hence the need for Linux training.) The training was conducted on November 10t, 11th and December 24th.

First FOSS Business Models Training in West Africa finishes successfully – and continues!

The participants of the first "Training of Trainers on African FOSS Business Models" in West Africa (Abuja/Nigeria) have passed their final exam. They are now implementing "national roll-out plans" for follow-up trainings in Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo and Senegal.

Which local needs have to be addressed? Which market niches are there? How can the follow-up trainings be financed? These are the questions the 24 new trainers are now addressing.

LPIC-1 Training Lusaka

Just started the LPIC-1 training in Lusaka at the University of Zambia Consultancy and Training Unit today. Am excited and so, day number was good
Stay tuned for more!!1

Findings and experience from EIFL FOSS Regional Seminar, 4-5 November 2011

I was invited to present a 30 minutes talk on African FOSS Business models from Librarians from over 15 African Universities and several other institutions (see attached presentation)

An interesting finding to this group was the level of awareness to Open Source Solutions available in the area of Integrated Library System. ( Do not tell them) I had to change the presentation several time to try avoiding abusing them by teaching what FLOSS is :-) after attending several pre-sessions prior to my presentation.

5 candidates sitting for LPI 101 & 102 exams in Dar es Salaam

Today, at 09h00 EAT 26th Nov 2011 we have five candidates sitting for LPI 101 & 102 exams at InCo Technologies (T) Limited premises.

Best wishes to all writing your exams.

UN University releases a FREE and UPDATED Book (v1.5) on: ‘The Why and How of Open Education’

The Collaborative Creativity Group CCG at UNU-MERIT has just released an updated version v1.5 of their book on ‘The Why and How of Open Education’( This updated version includes – inter alia – a new chapter focusing on the Key Challenges of Open Education (Chapter 5).

1st LPI Local Training at InCo Technologies (T) Limited

As part of national rollout, InCo Technologies (T) Limited has been the first implementor of LPI training in Tanzania following two weeks of ToT organized by ict@innovation few weeks ago. The class has six students now, set to write Paper Based Tests late this month ~ 26th November.
Preparation classes have started since the last week of September and by the end of this month, students will have spent 80hrs in class for LPI 101, 102 preps.

Introduction to FOSS Business Models at EIFL FOSS Training Conference

EIFL FOSS Training Conference, 4-5 November 2011 COSTECH, Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

Sponsored by UNESCO
Theme : Working together -  FOSS in African libraries

Former President of Nigeria Computer Society visits WaToT training

On 26th October, during Day 2 of the West African ToT, Mr. Samuel Tunde Njoku, a former president of the Nigeria Computer Society, visited the training programme and passed on some words of encouragement to the participants.
Recalling his earlier years as a student in the US, Samuel was glad to note the coming together of FOSS enthusiasts from various countries in Africa looking for ways in which people can better their lives using FOSS based technologies.


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