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FOSS Business in Education

Today I was giving a presentation to Kenyan Teachers (primary & secondary school level) on FOSS tools and resources for education. It was refreshing to see great enthusiasm from a number of teachers on the willingness to adopt FOSS. What they however indicated is that they do not have skills to be install and integrate the technology into their institution.

Jon "maddog" Hall to give the keynote address at the Software Freedom Day 2012 Kenya

Software Freedom Day 2012 - 1st September 2012
Open Source Developers Challenge - 31st August 2012
Strathmore University, Nairobi

Theme: “An Innovative, Open Future for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development”

Taking the first steps

ict@innovation has been running successfully for the past four years. Look what ict@innovation has achieved so far.

Meaning Vs Money dilemma

The concept of FOSS is very appealing especially for those that embrace the spirit of the open movement. However, we all must eat or we will surely die and/or get kicked out for not paying rent. This fact slows down the growth of the FOSS in general and sometimes making FOSS products not be as appealing as their proprietary equivalents. We all are aware of the strides Ubuntu has made in the past few years, well I suppose this was possible with funding from Canonical.

In life we all have to deal with the Meaning Vs Money dilemma.

FOSS Creating More Opportunities for Women

The technology field is largely dominated by men. The statistics get even worse when you narrow down to investigate FOSS projects. However this trend is slowly changing with more ladies stepping up and participating in FOSS related initiatives. An interesting blog entry that I came across shows the daring act of one such lady. See here:

Updating of the Advanced Training Material on African Free and Open Source Software Business Models for IT SMEs.

It is yet another opportunity to provide input for the update of the FOSS Business models Training material. The training guide was first developed in 2007 by a team of experts in FOSS and business models.Minor changes have also been made in between that time and now. Since 2007 hundreds of participants, throughtout Africa has been trained using the guide. The FOSS landscape has also changed considerably over the years.

The Kenya Freedom of Information Bill and Open Standards

The Peruvian Government in 2005 passed a law mandating the use of Free/Libre software in all Government agencies (bodies funded by the tax payer). I have reproduced some excerpts here below that tie in with our Freedom of Information Bill (and to a large extent the Data Protection Bill). Please note that the use of the term free is not to be confused to mean free of cost, but more about liberty, openness, open standards and access to source code.

Day II : Linux Essentials classes at InCo Technologies (T) Ltd - Dar es Salaam

Day 2 of Linux Essential classe at InCo Lab in Dar es Salaam
yesterday (on Sunday) with a attendance of 16/20 participants.
Topics covered were Introduction to Linux & its shell environment.
Classes will continues next week. Follow us at

Kickoff of the Linux Essential class at InCo Technologies (T) Ltd

A long waited Linux Essential class has kicked-off on 30th June 2012 in Dar es Salaam with 12 out 20 students reporting. The classes will last for not more than six weeks. Some of the participating institutions : Institute for Finance and Management (IFM) University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) Aptech Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT) St.Joseph College of Engineering and Technology Institute of Information and Technology (IIT) College of Business Education (CBE) Trainers : Edward Mwangile, Frank Tilugulilwa & Jimmy Mbelwa

Juba. The world’s first Open Source City? Event on Thursday 21. June

On Thursday, 21. June, some open source initiatives will host an event in Berlin that aims to talk about "South Sudan and Open Source Culture" ... This might be of interest to some members of the ict@innovation community: You may then check the website, which also says, that the event will be livestreamed. Some more infos on the event coming from the organizers below:

"Challenging and Identifying Open Source Approaches


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