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ICT@INNOVATION Workshop Week in Tanzania

From September 16th till September 21st the programme team will meet in Tanzania for a week of workshops.
We have a full week ahead: Monday: Pillar C - Evaluating the Internship Programme
Tuesday - Wednesday - Evaluation Workshop
Thursday - Volunteer Community Workshop
Friday - Steering Committee Meeting

In particular the evaluation and community workshop are of great importance as we will be looking back on four years of programme implementation and then will look ahead into the future.

Taking the first steps

ict@innovation has been running successfully for the past four years. Look what ict@innovation has achieved so far.

Overview of people trained by ict@innovation program

Hi All,

How many people has ict@innovation trained so far in which countries? Please find attached a chart showing the answer. Quite impressive! A big thank you to all those who participated in the trainings and thereby brought ict@innovation to life!

There will be 1 more training of trainers in Senegal this year. It will kick off ict@innovation in francophone West Africa. The call for participation will be published soon!

How to sustain the ICT@innovation communities

Dear Community Members

We need your attention. The funding phase of ict@innovation is ending at the end of 2012. During Idlelo 5 last week, some of us had the chance to meet and gather ideas on how to keep the ict@innovation communities on FOSS Business Models and Linux Certification active and growing. Now your contributions are needed as well!

Newsletter of March - Bulletin de Mars : Special Idlelo

Dear All,

I am currently working on the newsletter  of FOSSFA and it will be a special one since Idlelo was the main event of March.

So feel free to send me your inputs (thoughts, pictures, etc.) or quotes that you will like to share (you can let me know if you want to write about something special).

Have an excellent week.


Bonjour à tous,

[Idlelo5] Ict@innovation Meeting Agenda

Hi All,

 There will be a meeting on Thursday, 22nd March 2012 during Idlelo 5 (, regarding ict@innovation's communities (mainly FBT and FOSS Certification).

Please find attached the agenda and feel free to send your questions, ideas, doubts to

 We wish to see you (for those who will bw able to make it) tomorrow and/or thursday.

Thank you in advance.


Community Empowerment Manager: Introducing Myself

Hi All,

I am Mawusee Komla Foli-Awli (please don't spend your day trying to read/keep my name in mind because it is long I know :-D) and I am from TOGO.

I have a developper background (Web environment). I am a big fan of CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla) a new lover of Yii. I am a FOSS evangelist (FOSS saved my life more than once :-D).

I love music and I play guitar. I love cartoons, movies and humor.
I speak French, English and a little bit of Italian.
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