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Germany's Open Side: Discovering the Open Source Scene and Meeting the Community in Berlin

A full programme awaited the FOSSFA-delegates upon their arrival in Berlin - a week of meetings, conferences, trade fairs and receptions all around the topic of Free and Open Source.

FOSSFA Study Tour to Berlin

In ten days five FOSSFA-members will embark on a study tour to Berlin Germany where a week full of appointments, events and receptions all on the topic Open Source awaits them.

During the week of the 22nd of June - 26th of June Berlin will become the Open Source Hub of Europe: The annual business oriented Linux Day, the academic Berlin Open congress, and LPI's 10th anniversary are only some of the Open Source events taking place in Berlins capital.

FOSSFA@e-Learning Africa

This years e-Learning Africa took place in Dakar, Senegal from the 27th - 29th of May. Athough this report is both belated and short it is worth mentioning the outstanding contributions FOSSFA-representatives made during this conference – the largest on ICT and Education in Africa.

FOSS in Kenya

Find out what is happening on Free and Open Source Software in Kenya!

This informative documentary is a collaboration project of the local Free and Open Source Software community, including advocates, users, and developers. It includes expert interviews and current information on the developments with FOSS in Kenya, including participation by Eunice Kariuki - senior Kenya ICT Board representative. Watch the open documentary here: !


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