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E-Learning Africa 2011 Actions and Happenings!

Mlimani City Conference Centre

Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA 24-27 May 2011

The Project Management team of ICT@innovation participated in this year’s e-Learning Africa conference that was held in Tanzania,

The objective of the management participation in this conference was quadrupole:

* Marketing for FBT and LPI Trainers : A perspective from LPI (Part 2)

As a continuation of  our discussion around Marketing for FBT or LPI for the ICT@innovation project, I would like to further explore another subject area-PRODUCT.

Faye Macheke, in her presentation, underscored the need for the Trainer to have a strong command of their product, that is: What is it that you are selling? What can it do? What are the advantages? etc.When a Trainer is armed with a strong command of their subject area, it is quite easy for the Trainer to sell the Product.

Marketing for FBT and LPI Trainers : A perspective from LPI

The just recently concluded LPI Train the Trainer Workshop that was held in Randburg,Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA between the 25th of February and the 5th of March 2011, was also graced by the presence a representative of the LPI Master Afflilate through Mrs Faye Macheke.

Document Freedom Day

Document Freedom Day (DFD) is a day designed to "raise awareness about document freedom"[1] "on the last Wednesday of March"[2]. Document Freedom Day was first celebrated on March 26, 2008.

How ICTs Are Changing the Way We Live

ICT's have in many ways changed the landscape of business,culture and social life in the different societies in the world.

The use and application of Free/Libre and Open Source Software tools have in most cases accelerated the use and deployment of ICT's in Africa and the rest of the developing world.

The first East African Regional FOSS Business Models Course gets Underway in Kampala,Uganda

31 August 2009, Kampala, Uganda

The first East African Regional Workshop on Advanced FOSS Business Models got under way on Monday the 31 of August in Kampala.

FOSSFA and InWEnt launching first East African regional course on Business and Open Source in Kampala, Uganda

"How can African IT-businesses make money with Free and Open Source Software?“ - this one of the questions that will be discussed at the regional course on "Advanced African Business Models with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)“. The two-week course will start on the 31st of August to the 11th of September 2009. The East African Center for Open Source (EACOSS) will host the event in partnership with InWEnt. This workshop is the second in a series of training-of-trainer (ToT) events in Southern and East Africa.

South African FOSS Business Model ToT Group takes a break and Joins South Africa to celebrate MANDELA's birthday

18 July 2009, Soweto, Johannesburg . The South African FOSS Business Model ToT delegation group took a deserved break after their first week in the two week training pro gramme held at the University of Witwatersrand. The first week of the training pro gramme kicked off at a high note and kept the delegates very busy both in the workshop and adapting to their new '' training home'' . The first week so the delegates being hosted to a dinner by InWEnt. The opening dinner gala was held at Ageda restaurant in Green side ,Johannesburg.


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