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The catholic University of Easter Africa is launching its first LPIC-1 training schedule on 12th February 2012.
This is a follow-up to the Linux Pre-certification training that  the we conducted in December 2011 which was organized to demystify Linux.
So far we have 15 students registered to start.
Our goal with this program is to ensure that all students undertaking Computer Science at the university undergo LPIC-1 training and at least 20% become LPIC-1 certified.

Linux Pre-certification training

Following the Linux training that took place in august 2011, We decided to start the LPIC-1 training in Catholic University of Eastern Africa as soon as possible.
However to start the course we saw the need to first have a introductory course expose our students. WE called the course, Linux Pre-certification. The students after undertaking the course were supposed to sit for an exam and after passing would get a certificate  issued by the LPA-Kenya.
 WE conducted the course in December 2011 from 16th -19th and a total of about 75 students participated.

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