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Which FOSS certification do you need?

The ict@innovation programme is currently looking into different options for organizing trainings that lead to an internationally recognized FOSS certification. We would like to hear about your opinion and needs! We have opened an online forum where you can help us with your views to take some informed decisions on which type of trainings and certifications we should best invest in. Go to the online forum to express your views. FOSS training and certification could be done at different levels: * desktop certification (like Open ICDL, Open Office ..) * system admin certification (like LPI, or vendor-certifications like RedHat, Ubuntu ..) * specific application related certifications (like PHP, MySQL ...) We are interested to learn about your needs. 1. From a market perspective: What skills are most in demand from the client side? And which certification would serve as seal of quality in your national ICT market and would help to gain confidence from clients? 2. From a training demand perspective (which is of course related to the market): What type of training + certification would people be interested to invest time and money in? What do you think?


The FOSS Certification debate is something I know first hand travelling to 43 countries in the realm of conceptualization, assisting,project manage and launch of various certification.

Also I worked on creating pre-apprenticeship programs which included an IT component in the schedule of training.

If I can quote Abraham Lincoln in response to criticism
during his politician time in office in the US as president

You can please ALL of the people some of time
You can please SOME of the people ALL of the Time
But you can not please ALL of the people ALL of the time.

This is true for IT certification.
Some people love them and see real tangible value
Some people are insulted by any time of IT exam to test their knowledge and competency

Again, my experience in hundreds of trade shows and speaking to thousands of people, especially at Linux shows and events, the vast majority of the IT people were almost hostile to any certification that did not measure or quantify the real technical competency of the individual.

The problem is how do you measure skills with real world simulations without breaking the bank.
In the case of Red Hat which takes a High Cost branding approach they provide a $700 exam which is fine for the UK and US but not practical for Africa.

If you take the standard VUe and Prometric multiple choice test you encounter the problem of testers doing the test using multiple student codes, using braindumps and using proxy test takers. All of which defeats the purpose of a certification

The purpose of accreditation is provide to employers a mark of quality assurance that they have short listed their selection process by screening potential job applicants with credible certifications.

Note that 80% of the MCSEs in Kenya and thousands in South Africa have paper without jobs, These PAPER MCSEs provide a lesson for FOSS certifications.


1. It is important for any credible tests that the marketplace has full confidence in the exam and that the graduates live up to a code of ethics and are commited to lifelong learning. ie. Linux Professional Association

2. The exam takers should be individuals who have personal commitment to becoming an IT professional which includes an academic CV, work history and practical demonstration of skills competency. ( All credible certification require prerequistes to take exams)
ie. enrolled in an IT program with a school

3. The LAMP roadmap of Linux Apache, MySql and PHP is a necessary academic set of tools critical for the FOSS professionals



Great thinking man. I have liked your idea. No doubt a large number of people from all around the world are looking for getting internationally recognized FOSS certification. I have also plan of starting training for FOSS certification right after my Cisco Exam Advanced Wireless LAN and Exam for Troubleshooting Unified Communications (TUC). These two exams are the last exams for my Cisco certification. According to my point of views, you should start training from specific application related certifications such as PHP, MySQL etc. It would be better to start from this. So start your training for FOSS certification

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