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Wanted: Training Consultants for the 3rd Regional Training of Trainers in East Africa

Application Deadline is 24th June, 2011.

  • Do you have over 3 years Linux System Administration Experience?

  • Do you have experience in training others on the LPIC, and/or are you part of a training institution?

  • Then respond by 24th June 2011 to become part of an exciting training programme on Linux System Administration Certification as one of our trainers of trainers.

Background - ict@innovation

The ict@innovation programme aims at building capacities for African small and medium ICT enterprises to build a business with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). The project encourages the growth of African ICT industries, particularly in Southern and East Africa, through three main action lines: spreading FOSS business models for enterprises in Africa, fostering FOSS certification and supporting innovative local FOSS applications for social and economic development.

ict@innovation is a partnership between Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ

Pillar B – Fostering Linux Admin Certification

This pillar of the ict@innovation programme aims to help African SMEs involved in Open source Solutions development, implementation and training to improve the quality of their solutions offering through certification of their FOSS skills. The project partners have appreciated the importance and urgency of increasing the number of certified Linux systems administrators on the African continent so as to have a bigger impact on the uptake of FOSS on the continent.

To achieve this, the program will implement the following interventions:

  1. Support the development of open content Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPI) training material.

  2. Offer Training of Trainers to individuals in the participating countries, leading to the LPI exams for certification.

  3. Support the trainers to deliver the LPI training and certification in their countries and institutions as a business model.


The ict@innovation programme, is looking to recruit experienced LPI training consultants who will deliver this training to our training participants. The participants will be selected from individuals who already have some experience using Linux and offering training.

ict@innovation may also choose to select one consultant/consulting firm, or a group of consultants to work on this contract. The application documents including the terms of reference and the formal invitation can be found here:

Download of full tender dossier with all information and Terms of Reference here:

If interested, please send your application by email to the following addresses indicating availability, to reach them not later than 24th June 2011:

and copy the following addresses:


I would like to thank you for the intiative of FOSS. I would like to know how possible it can be for you to help me attend the training due next month (July 2011) . Iam currently working with UGAPRIVI and managing the database of which we want to change from Windows to LINUX. I have ever attendend a training from the Federal republic of Germany back in 2007 and a follow up training. By then it was sponsored by inwent. Awating to hear from you soon. Regards Milly

Milly, at this point its a bit late for you to attend the training of trainers course in Tanzania as we have cosed the applications deadline. But if you go this link, you will see the trainers that are already available in the various countries and you can contact them to find out when they will be having their trainings:

Let me know if you need any further asistance.

I would be happy to work with Milly in our forth coming LPI Bootcamps, and if her profile does not fit there, would also place her in an appropriate FOSS Systems Administration Class here in Kampala. Milly please get in touch with me - +256703222842 and b.ssennoga at gmail dot com

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