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Updating of the Advanced Training Material on African Free and Open Source Software Business Models for IT SMEs.

It is yet another opportunity to provide input for the update of the FOSS Business models Training material. The training guide was first developed in 2007 by a team of experts in FOSS and business models.Minor changes have also been made in between that time and now. Since 2007 hundreds of participants, throughtout Africa has been trained using the guide. The FOSS landscape has also changed considerably over the years. The latest effort to update the training guide looks to capture input from all over the African content for content that can be included in the manual and suggestions on improvement. Specifically the updating of the manual seeks to capture information on FOSS policies in various countries in Africa that can impact FOSS businesses. The update also looks to build on the case bank of African companies that have FOSS at the core of their business models.

An online questionnaire has been developed to capture suggestions to be used in the update effort. The link to the questionnaire is:
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Alternatively update proposals can be sent to

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