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TAKE IT OR TEACH IT: FREE Course on Business and Management Competencies in a Web 2.0 world (2nd edition) starting April 26!!!

Dear all,

I'd like to invite you, your colleagues or peers to our 2nd edition of this course!

The openED course on “Business and Management Competencies in a Web 2.0 world” will start on April 26th 2011 in its 2nd edition!

openED is a FREE/OPEN course targeting business students and practitioners alike. The course consists of 10 modules allowing participants to choose the individual modules they are interested in. This is to say that you can either take all of the 10 modules, or just those ones that you are interested at.

openED offers something to all: You can either TAKE IT or TEACH IT - make the course suit your needs!!!


The 2nd edition of the openED course comes with updated course contents and improved guidance & navigation! Based upon the comprehensive feedback we received from 1st edition course participants all of the course contents, guides and navigation have been carefully reviewed and improved!


The 2nd edition of the openED course now provides educators around the globe with the opportunity to offer individual / extra services to course participants, such as In-class lessons, private virtual support or marked assessment and accreditation / certification. Educators can choose to offer such extra services against "fee" of for "free"!!! This is to say that we invite ***YOU*** to join us and to teach the course on a local base!

For more information please see the attached flyers or visit the course website at!


With kind regards,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Com os melhores cumprimentos

Andreas  Meiszner, PhD (on behalf of the openED course team)
United Nations University
Senior Researcher / Project Manager
Collaborative Creativity Group
Keizer-Karelplein 19
6211 TC Maastricht
The Netherlands
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What a joy to find someone else who tnihks this way.

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