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STAM FBT Training - Kampala Uganda, May 2011.

Steven Kaweesa is a very soft spoken man, and his co-director does not live in the country. Steven runs School of Training and Management (STAM) as a Technical branch of a bigger Social Development Institute established at Nsamizi, in a remote South western part of Uganda. STAM rode the high winds when it partnered with England's NCC to issue international certifications, but over time, the steam has run low.

Enter FOSS Business Models Training.

Robert Nkambwe, is the ICT Manager at Bugema Univeristy. Robert rolled out an FBT Training after attending one in Dar-es-Salaam. In his class, Wycliffe Kalyango and Derrick Musaazi. Both technical staff of the 2 STAM campuses.

Enter FOSS Certification Training.

Brian Ssennoga is the ICT Manager at International Health Sciences University, and Brian was one of the 3 instructors at the first FOSS Certification TOT, at Strathmore, Nairobi Kenya. In his class, Wycliffe Kalyango and Derrick Musaazi. Familiar, huh?

Its the power of FOSS Communities that drives FOSS activities. The inevitable connection of hearts and minds and passions around a single topic. It was not a surprise therefore that a few names familiar to some of us on the Ugandan FOSS scene teamed up to deliver the first FBT Training at one of STAM's campuses – James Wire, Marion Mpanga, myself, and Frank Okello (kenyans are everywhere, not so?) all hosted by Wycliffe, Derrick and Steven.

3 Trainers, 5 days, 6 Modules, 7 women, 14 men, and a lot of food – but most of all, a lot of FOSS was discussed in the week of 2nd - 6th May 2011. The participants took a while to tell apart, Linux from Ubuntu, but by and large, Day 1 went with a lot of intrigue. This FOSS animal can be complex when you think its totally new, and to find that on Day 2, a univeristy – – has been using it for 3 years!

The participants were intrigued further by the Module on communicating FLOSS, and were awakened to realise that very few of us actually know/have the right business skills to run ICT and FOSS related businesses.

By Day 4, it was clear to us, this group wanted more than business pointers, they are eager for Linux, the hard core training. They could not wait to run the OpenCD – thanks Marion – and test out the free software and when James was done, I could see it in their eyes, they wanted this to last another week.

Local Media – Prime Radio and NBS TV – graced the final day, long after daily tweets (#STAM_FBT from @bssennoga) and blogs on (category STAM_FBT) had gone out onto the internet!

STAM is now looking at extending partnerships to introduce FOSS based training and certifications in its curricula, and Uganda's FOSS critical mass just got a 25 man boost. One thing if clear, FBT and Certification Trainings achieve much when they tow in step. Atleast as far as STAM is concerned.

Kudos to STAM - Great job!


Great Stuff .Lets Keep the FOSS Flag flying.

Well done!

Congratulations to all of you. Go FOSS Go Business. Cheers Nnenna Nwakanma Director, Consultants on Information, Communications, Technology and Events for Development.

Well done Brian and team! Lets save the little we have and get more :-) Robert Nkambwe ICT Manager & e-learning coordinator,Bugema University +256-312-351400

Wow, keep it up guys!

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