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Preparing for Software Freedom Day 17 Sep 2011

Just a quick blog to let all interested parties in Johannesburg and Pretoria know what we are planning for Software Freedom Day on the 17th of September this year.

Its going to be tight as we have left it rather late to organise but I am sure with community involvement we will be able to organise something :)

How to get involved in planning!

In keeping with the SFD approach we are using their wiki to plan our event. In order to accommodate both the Jozi and Pretoria communities we are planning to hold the event in Midrand, hence the wiki link below.

If you are intersted in presenting a paper or having a free, as in beer, spot to present your company, or just wish to assist with organising please feel free to contact me via my contact form

Our biggest challenge is the venue and we are contacting all FOSS user groups to asertain if they are keen to be involved and present talks on their favourite FOSS technology.

 I hope we can make this a success! Please join in to make it one!

Mark Clarke - from Dar Es Salaam, 8th August 2011.


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