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openSE updates: new look, badges, community game, live support, ASF mentoring programme & more

Dear all,

as a member of the openSE ( community I like to share the following information with you on the latest developments.

We are really excited about the new-look website and the latest additions, which include the opportunity to earn the openSE badge and participate in a new open source software development learning game.

Here’s the full update on recent changes:

New-look Website: the website now features sections dedicated to learners, tutors, mentors and learning assistants. It’s easier to navigate with a course/tutorials/guides directory to find reference materials and courses to follow; a mentored internship directory to find OSS projects to work on; and a learning project directory to document your learning project and view projects that others have undertaken.

openSE Badge: Get recognition for your efforts and a valuable addition to your CV. When you submit an end-of-project report, you will receive an openSE badge. This confirms that you have undertaken a learning project through openSE and links to your project work.

Community Game: Need to know a bit more before jumping into a real-life OSS development project? Join other learners in a virtual, simulated OSS development community to experience the different roles, tools and processes that can be involved.

ASF Mentoring Programme: Get mentor support whilst undertaking your learning project in an Apache OSS development project. Gain valuable experience, confidence and a track record in applying your skills to a real OSS project.

Learner Support Guides: Including a learning project guide that details how to undertake a learning project at openSE and a new guide to working in open source software projects.

Real-time Support Chats: over the next few weeks, our learning assistants will be available to discuss your questions on learning through openSE in the chatroom.

We hope these improvements will support you in getting involved and we look forward to seeing you in openSE...

If you have any particular questions, suggestions for improvement or other feedback, please do reply to We are keen to hear your thoughts.

And of course you are welcome to contribute to the openSE platform.

Best regards,

Andreas on behalf of the openSE team


openSE - open educational framework for computer science Software Engieneering

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