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New Edition: ict@innovation Newsletter

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Partners and Friends,

here is our latest ict@innovation Newsletter, covering the third quarter of 2010 from August till the end of October 2010.

Another quarter has passed and much has happened in the programme: we are happy to say that all components of the ict@innovation programme, business models, certification and application building are up and running. In this edition of our newsletter we will update you on the programme activities, including current trainings on FOSS Business Models and promotion of FOSS certification.  Last but not least we have launched the component "FOSS applications" with the Mentored Internship Programme in cooperation with AVOIR. Mr. James Kariuki Njenga, the manager of the Mentored Internship Programme, has successfully started work and we are happy to have him aboard as one of the team members of ict@innovation.

At this point we would also like to say thank you to all those who keep contributing to the success of ict@innovation, including the team, trainings, participants and partners.

And one more message to our readers: If you have any news on FOSS in Africa, if you are working on a FOSS project or would like to learn more about the possibilities FOSS offers - Please do not hesitate to contact us and tell your story or ask your questions!

George G Nyambuya,
on behalf of the ict@innovation programme management team

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