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Meaning Vs Money dilemma

The concept of FOSS is very appealing especially for those that embrace the spirit of the open movement. However, we all must eat or we will surely die and/or get kicked out for not paying rent. This fact slows down the growth of the FOSS in general and sometimes making FOSS products not be as appealing as their proprietary equivalents. We all are aware of the strides Ubuntu has made in the past few years, well I suppose this was possible with funding from Canonical.

In life we all have to deal with the Meaning Vs Money dilemma.

This article provides a great case for funding of FOSS projects.

A proposal that still enables access to money while still retaining the meaning.


Interesting article. This should be added to the training material on "African FOSS Business Models", which particularly adresses the "making money" side in the sections on FOSS business globally  and on FOSS business case studies in Africa. Cheers, Balthas

Thanks will take your suggestion.

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