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* Marketing for FBT and LPI Trainers : A perspective from LPI (Part 2)

As a continuation of  our discussion around Marketing for FBT or LPI for the ICT@innovation project, I would like to further explore another subject area-PRODUCT.

Faye Macheke, in her presentation, underscored the need for the Trainer to have a strong command of their product, that is: What is it that you are selling? What can it do? What are the advantages? etc.When a Trainer is armed with a strong command of their subject area, it is quite easy for the Trainer to sell the Product.

One clear example that she gave during her talk was the following scenario: (1) You are a Trainer and you are having difficulties in getting participants for your LPI training. (2) Approach,say a Recruitment Agent, and have a chat with them on their IT skills requirements for what their looking for. (3) Present your Product (LPI) and show them how exactly this  addresses some of the skills-need that there are looking for. It could then depend on the HR agency understanding and knowledge that this skill can be addressed through some acquisition of the LPI certification. The HR agency might then add the LPI component as a requirement to address this skills-need.

The above example is a clear case of KNOWING THE PRODUCT. In this case, you have not only created a relationship with the HR Agency but also a DEMAND for your product. It is most certain then, that if the HR Agency meets a potential candidate who needs this skill, they would refer them to this TRAINER.

Knowing the Product LPI/FBM  also entails someone to be able to provide solid statistics on the Product.What is the pass rate of LPI?How many Engineers in the IT sector are say LPI certified etc.A firm presentation on such statistics will ascertain to the client you broader understanding of the issue at hand.

 PRODUCT flexibility-with the FBM (FOSS Business Models),one can easily also look at ways of also mixing it with different levels.This then introduce the aspect of product flexibility.Approaching or fusing the FBM(FOSS Business Models)/LPI components at say Vocational Training or FET Levels requires that some has a strong command of the subject.By having product flexibility one then is able to create a demand for the different levels.

The other issues that were raised with respect to PRODUCT Quality.We as community will need to start addressing these in our respective areas.Are these products international certified? FBM(FOSS Business Models)?The question or challenge in the area of PRODUCT that I would like to throw to all readers is: What do we do to get our FBM Quality Certified by the different national bodies?I am very very keen to hear from you, the reader, one what are the possible action plans to get either LPI or FBM quality certified with your national bodies.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I am looking forward to your feedback.I will next week move on to discuss the aspect of PLACE (distribution) under this topic. 

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