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Marketing for FBT and LPI Trainers : A perspective from LPI

The just recently concluded LPI Train the Trainer Workshop that was held in Randburg,Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA between the 25th of February and the 5th of March 2011, was also graced by the presence a representative of the LPI Master Afflilate through Mrs Faye Macheke.

It was  also general agreed amongst the management team that we would also use this opportunity to hear from our prospective trainers on how we could best support them to ensure that they are able to roll out at least two (2) National Trainings in their home country.With this thought in mind,it was also then agreed to give LPI,through Faye Macheke, to also hear from her how best LPI could also play a role in the post training phase (support for the National Trainings).It is also in the best interest of LPI to also get in as many people as possible to undertake their training.It was only logical then to hear directly from the horse's mouth- the possibilities that lay ahead for our Trainers.Please view attached presentation.

The discussion below,in my view, does not only apply to the group that was being addressed then (LPI Administrators) but I would also like to extend it our fellow FBT with regards to the possible areas of interventions or support that we could try and forge ahead with, collectively.

By and large,it has become very apparent that ICT@innovation trainers are increasingly seeking support in the area of Marketing either their FBT Courses or LPI.While at the same time ICT@innovation and LPI have limited capability in this area: neither organization can assist with DIRECT MARKETING SUPPORT.The presentation clear brought in some innovative Marketing methods that we could try and explore.In mind, as I write this article were the following issues:


I)  Email Signatures: The different groups could subscribe or get signatures that were personalized eg

     George G Nyambuya,                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

     Certified ICT@innovation FBT # 0023.

This initiative is something that can be further discussed with  you and the Project Management teame .I see a lot of Marketing power in this, if as many people are able to pick up on our different work/personal signatures some kind of uniformity and brand.The people (market) would be able to align you, as a Trainer, belonging to a particular group.This could also assist in giving you visibility.

II)  Community Newspapers: Please approach your local community papers.In some cases-the market we might be looking for could be there.Off course we might not get everyone that we want but this could assist.

III) Car Magnets: Have your ever thought of the power of marketing by way of buying  some car magnets with YOUR TRAINING and details and give it your friends to stick on their car.That to me sounds quite interesting.You just never know who reads that Magnet.

These were my thoughts as I tried to reflect on this presentation (PROMOTION) with respect to our discussions in our just concluded Linux Administrator Workshop.The are many facets that we could look at when it comes to PROMOTION of either our FBT or LPI.More and more important,I am beginning to see that this part of Marketing,clear lays in our hands as trainers.We can share knowledge on how we can go around it but the honors is in our hands.

If your further read the presentation (on the PROMOTION aspect),I have left a lot of issues still not discussed.I am sure we can try and see how best we can take the PROMOTION aspect of FBT/LPI to another level.

In conclusion, as I mark the end of this week with the PROMOTION aspect on Marketing our FBT/LPI, I would like to further encourage every read to contribute on other innovative ideas on how to PROMOTE our FBT/LPI.Next Week,I would like to move to discuss the PLACE (DISTRIBUTION) aspect of MARKETING for our FBT/LPI

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